Regardless of whether you practise general or specialized medicine, or if you are a psychologist, nutritionist, enterostomal therapist, clinical nurse or nursing assistant, when you join the MÉDI-CLÉ team, you are choosing an exciting work milieu unique in the field, with patient-focused care provided in a public clinic.

MÉDI-CLÉ’s university affiliation ensures that patients get the highest-quality care. In addition, the environment is propitious to a variety of research studies, conducted in accordance with the most stringent ethical standards.
The clinic is also home to CMIIM (the Centre des Maladies Inflammatoires et Intestinales de Montréal) which provides services to patients with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). CMIIM operates in academic partnership with the Université de Montréal.

When you join the MÉDI-CLÉ team, you become actively engaged in developing the medicine of tomorrow.


Patient-focused care
A place for you to enhance your professional skills in a collaborative environment
A stimulating, innovative, interdisciplinary practice
A dynamic, dedicated, committed team
A clinic with outstanding nursing support.

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